Eric Erickson

Just Getting Started

Eric Erickson
© 2004 Ardith Music (BMI)


My hair’s turning gray just in time to fall out

My doctor tells me I have a touch of the gout

My arm’s too short for me to see

The thoughtful invitation from the AARP

I don’t know how this could be

Time flies too easily

How did it happen to me?

I’m just getting started

I was flush with pride when I could tie my shoe

Next thing I know, the mortgage is due

I’d climb any tree, was a piece of cake

But I’m grounded these days by this lower backache

In my youth I’d lie in bed awake each night

A witness to my hopes and aspirations

Now I lie in bed and I’m kept awake all night

Yearning for my waning expectations

Twenty years can pass in the space of five

They only pick up steam the longer you’re alive

I do my best to seize every day

But the harder I hold on the more they slip away