Eric Erickson

Eric Erickson
Eric Erickson ©2012 Ardith Music (BMI)


Can you handle one more song about the moon?

Can you stand to hear that story once again?

How our hero found his true love in the month of June

Like a script from an old movie way back when

Well, it started with a glance and then a smile

Then progressed to idle chat across a meal

Then they played it coy and cagey for a little while

‘Til a midnight, moonlight stroll secured the deal

From here on out, details are sketchy

Corroborating evidence is rare

Developments were witnessed by a lone observer

Lingering above the air

Nowadays, our couple thrives

Through compliments and compromising

Two minds work together and two pulses quicken

At the sight of a full moon rising

Did it come about through planning and desire

The way the pieces fit together well so soon?

Was it chance, simple happenstance?

Was it meant to be?

Or is it just another song about the moon?

I think it’s just another song about the moon

© 2012 Ardith Music (BMI)


Eric Erickson
©2010 Ardith Music (BMI)


My guitar is a beauty, I could play it all night long Whatever my mood, it helps me sing my song It’s a true companion in any time or key CHORUS: But you mean the world to me You mean the world You mean the world to me My grandfather’s gold watch gleams like a ray of sunshine For seventy years, it kept him right on time It’s a family heirloom, as precious as a gift can be CHORUS Now I treasure my possessions And the joy that each one brings But you are the stars, you are my sky They’re only things I got a sweet ride, a “Flying Lady” out on the hood I get smiles, I get stares when I tool around my neighborhood It’s my pride and joy, as anyone can see CHORUS